Devonport Takapuna Area Plan

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Area Plan

  • Editorial Design
  • Printed Collateral


The urban planning team at Auckland Council was working on an ‘Area Plan’ for the Devonport-Takapuna area. The plan analyses the current local issues and aspirations voiced by the community and maps out the future development of how the area can be used to live, work and play by the community over the next 30 years.


After working closely with the team on the themed maps for their public workshops and stakeholder engagements, it was great to be able to help design the final document and supporting materials that brought it all together for the plan’s public launch.

The 40-page printed booklet showcases 6 key moves, 3 themed outcomes and actions as well as various details to provide a clear framework to support the growth in the area

The design focused on the flow of the content and simplifying the navigation through the information-rich document. We colour-coded the 3 themes to clarify the key outcomes, and selected compelling photographs to be featured in the layout, to give better context and life to the document.

Skills: Print