Harvest of Nations

harvest paper sculpture close up

harvest paper sculpture front view

harvest paper sculpture low angle

harvest paper sculpture work in progress

harvest paper sculpture photo shoot

Harvest of Nations

  • Annual Report
  • Hand-made 3D Paper Sculpture


To celebrate their 150 years of international missionary work, Auckland Baptist Tabernacle wanted to recapture the vision of mission work among the church and share the exciting stories of growth in their annual report.

I was approached by the church to help create an illustrative piece that would capture the theme and drive the visual direction of the report.

A huge harvest field of many nations

Single-minded proposition:
The fields are ripe now!


Inspired by the festive nature of fruitful harvests, that brings to mind explosions of vibrant colours, flavours and music, I was itching to create something tactile that would literally jump out of a page to capture the abundance and energy of a harvest.

The final piece is a hand-made 3D paper sculpture using the technique of paper quilling.

The piece experiments with different ways to draw with paper and the warm and lush colour palette was chosen to capture the bold and challenging tone of the vision.

The additional dimension of the work also became quite versatile because by photographing it at different angle and perspective, we were able to create a series of new and cohesive imagery to be used through out the document.

Skills: Illustration