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Medical Messaging
App Design

Helping doctors communicate more efficiently & securely on the go


Health-tech startup Celo were piloting a secure mobile messaging app for medical professionals to share secure patient information through chat, photos and consents to improve patient care.

Through capturing the learnings and requirements on the field, Celo wanted to scale their app further with a stronger focus on data security and user experience.


Seeing the rise of apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage becoming the communication mode of choice between many health-care workers on their personal devices, one of the greatest concerns is the safety of the patient’s information as these apps do not meet the encryption standards and data sovereignty rules needed to communicate sensitive medical information.

Our teamed worked closely with Celo to help them design and build a medical messaging app that would address these issues and also tailor it to New Zealand’s healthcare system to help deliver a safer and better-informed healthcare.

Target Audience

With healthcare becoming increasingly collaborative, traditional solo practices are disappearing and being replaced with multidisciplinary teams of family doctors, specialists, nurses and doctors.

It was important for us to understand their workflow and interaction patterns with each other. E.g. considerations were put into understanding how senior doctors would engage with the app, compare to junior doctors, working in local hospitals and clinics.


UX Approach

Getting to know the doctors

Through Celo, we were able to gain an insight into the day-to-day scenarios of doctors and nurses. We learned how they used their smartphones on the job, and analysed feedback that Celo received on their pilot app. Some insights were:

  • Quick and immediate access is crucial during medical emergency situations. If there’s too much barrier to entry, there’s no point in using an app.
  • Working under time constraints and understanding how junior and senior doctors consult with one another, means there needs to be a ‘save for later’ mentality to data recording, that doctors can come back to.

User flow and Navigation

With these insights, we started exploring the main usage scenarios for chat, consent and the capturing of clinical images. We then switched to rapid wireframing and testing the user flows in order to define key layouts and interaction patterns.


Designing an on-boarding experience that followed Celo’s business rules and the healthcare system requirements called for a balance between simplicity and capturing strict amount of details for user authentication.

The on-boarding journey required the crossing of 3 digital platforms – a website registration, email authentication, and mobile app pin setup. Because of this, careful considerations were taken to make the process as frictionless as possible to prevent a drop off in engagement even before using the app.


UI Approach

UI principle & visual language

The visual design of the interface needed to create an experience that was clean, simple and professional.

Apps that involve text and information recording often feel sterile and tedious like form filling. To prevent this, the design relied heavily on whitespace, readability and information hierarchy.

Creating a set of reusable components also allowed us to build consistency in the interface for the user and streamline our design and development of other screens in the app.

Team @ Sushmobile

Grace T – UX UI
David L – UX UI 
Chee Y- iOS Developer
Denis F – Android Developer
Kals S – Business Analyst
Monika S – Project Manager

My Responsibilities

Idea generation
UX Wireframe Prototyping
High Fidelity UI Prototyping 
Client discussion/ presentation/ demo/ walk through
Working closely with developers and testers


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