Web Design Wireframe

web design wireframe proposal 1
web design wireframe proposal 2

Web Design:

  • User Experience Design
  • High & Low-fidelity Prototyping
  • Website Redesign Strategy


GSB is a leading business-to-business procurement company, and with a growing number of over 9,000 members across 12 different industries, the company’s website needed a refresh to be more relatable to their current and prospective members.

Together with the marketing team, we were asked to proposed a redesign strategy for the company’s website


After analysing existing issues and the challenges the website had, we mapped out persona journeys to better understand how our members, from SMBs to corporate clients could use and benefit from the website.

A series of wireframes were developed to propose our strategy to build a new way for the members to engage with the website and develop as a digital hub for New Zealand businesses.

The user experience design focused on

  • Simple and intuitive navigation, to insure both the tech savvy and non-tech savvy users can find exactly what they need
  • Building a better brand position by incorporating a ‘Hear our stories’ member’s testimonial section to establish credibility and authenticity
  • Prototyping a new way of interacting and understanding the plethora of contracts available, with a tile-based user interface in the ‘Products & Services’ section. Including a filtered content lists based on a combination of parameters controlled by the user

Skills: UX & UI